All of the puppies will receive veterinary examinations, vaccinations, a microchip, and are registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club).

    Malamutes are an active breed, which require regular exercise to maintain both physical and mental health.   Unfortunately, many Malamutes develop undesirable behaviors such as digging.  Some do this out of boredom and lack of activity, and others do it just because its fun (owners must have a sense of humor)!  They should be exercised and played with many times daily, which may involve walks or playing in a fenced area for a great workout! 

    Malamutes are a large, slow maturing breed, so we recommend that they not actively participate in repetitive exercise (for example, jogging or sledding) until at least 18 months of age, and that they not compete in weight pulls until 2 years of age.  Before this time, their skeletal system is too immature for the stress caused by repetitive exercise.

    Malamutes are not the breed for everybody, and they require someone who is willing to deal with their independent nature.  We recommend that all puppies regularly socialize with other dogs and attend a complete obedience course between 6 and 9 months of age.  Completing a class before this time will make it easier for the dog (and the owners!) to work through the "teenage" period beginning at 9 months.

When searching for a puppy, please ask the breeder to provide health clearances!

Thank you for your interest in Bad Axe Alaskan Malamutes!


  • Genetic Soundness

ALL of our puppies, both show and companions, have the same full health guarantee against hip dysplasia and all other inherited conditions that are detrimental to the health of the dog.  Our breeding Dogs have hip ratings of OFA Good or Excellent.  Our breeding Dogs are examined for eye abnormalities with a licensed ophthalmologist (CERF). We do our best to ensure that we are breeding as genetically sound individuals as possible.  Our foundation lines were chosen not only for their sound structure, but also for their reputation for genetic health and longevity.  We have high expectations for the genetic soundness of a Bad Axe Kennel dog!

  • Good Temperament

We are proud to say that the dogs we've bred are of good temperaments.  It is necessary in this modern day for Malamutes to be good citizens.  Our puppies are raised in our home, and their mom stays with them until they are 2 months old.  We feel that raising puppies in the presence of a good mother for this length of time is important for their social development.  How the mother interacts with her puppies and with other people influences the puppies at this critical time of their life.

  • Preserving Working Ability (structure and function) andBreed Type

Our goal is to promote the Alaskan Malamute as it was originally Arctic Sledge Dog, by breeding to fit the AKC standards of the breed, and by promoting the breed in harness and in the show ring.

“…their function as a sledge dog for heavy freighting in the Arctic must be given consideration above all else” AKC standard

It is important to consider both the characteristics that make the Malamute a sledge dog (structure and movement) and those characteristics that allow it to survive and thrive in the Arctic (breed type).  

At Bad Axe, dogs meet the following health standards before they are bred:

  • OFA Hip Certification of Good or Excellent
  • Yearly CERF Eye Certification
  • Polyneuropathy (PN)
  • Cardiac Check


MBISS Grand Ch Wild Wind's Just My Truckin' Luck "CHEVY" XCH Spain / Portugal / International FCI / Brussels winner 
American Bronze Grand CH Bad Axe It's All About Me. "KENDALL"

Summer 2017 Litter